Monday, October 24, 2022

H22 #22: You're Next

You're Next
could be considered a high brow slasher with its prestigious cast of Indie film luminaries. Propelled by the power pop of the Dwight Twilley Band song "Looking for the Magic", the film is about a family gathering of competing siblings. Things quickly get bloody when home invaders begin terrorizing them. 

Sharni Vinson stars as Erin, accompanying her boyfriend Crispin (A.J. Bowen) to meet the family, including his competitive brothers. Once the violence starts all bets are off as secrets are revealed about everyone. The film owes much to Agatha Christie and the verbose mumblecore aesthetic. The first half works fine as a situation comedy. When violence starts to flow, it's quite brutal (all axes and knives) but never loses its comedic edge. 

At 90 minutes You're Next could easily fit into any program in a slasher marathon. It could be filed under the genre of affluent white people getting psychotic, Get Out (2017) and or Ready or Not (2019).Vinson is the prototypical final girl, allowing the audience someone to root for. 

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