Saturday, October 27, 2018

Halloween 2018 #27: 13 Ghosts **1/2 (1960)

In another screamer from William Castle the Zorba family moves into a mansion inherited from a rich uncle only to discover some unwelcome guests. For their uncle dabbled in the occult.

Thinly plotted, 13 Ghosts is a haunted house movie for the entire family. Castle invented the "Illusion-O" gimmick for the film, special glasses designed to identify the different ghosts. The ghosts are more mischievous than frightening, some prefer to spend their time baking in the kitchen. Each of the thirteen has a distinct trait. 

The Simpsons parodied 13 Ghosts on their very first "Treehouse of Terror" special. I even suspect Slimer from Ghostbusters may have been inspired by the film.  Margaret Hamilton also appears as the maid of the mansion and confesses to being a witch, her line deliveries are a highlight. 

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