Sunday, October 21, 2018

Halloween 2018 #20: Silver Bullet *** (1985)

If I was going to pick a film that exemplified Stephen King's reign over pop culture during the 1980s, Silver Bullet would be it. While it's not the best nor the worst of King's movies, the picture's got all the tropes. There's the dysfunctional small town, various degrees of alcoholism, corrupt or incompetent pillars of the community, and children who see the truth.

Marty (Corey Haim) and Jane (Megan Follows) are effective as a brother and sister who must vanquish a werewolf. Their uncle Gary Busey also helps them out (when he's sober). Silver Bullet might have worked better if it had only focused on the two kids and their relationship. But being the 1980s there must be some gruesome kills that are way out of tune with the rest of the movie. But the town is full of great character actors.

Silver Bullet was made for late night TV, a curious stew of after school special/werewolf/Hansel and Gretel/Our Town. And Gary Busey of course. 

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