Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Invitation (2016) **

A group of 30 somethings gather together for a mysterious dinner party and strange events ensue.  They are all connected in some way and have experienced some form of loss.  The Invitation feels like a humorless version of the The Big Chill with an Agatha Christie premise added to the mix.  At first everyone is all politeness and smiles, until the hosts introduce their guests to the fascinating "group" (not a cult) they discovered in Mexico. And there's no cell phone service either at the house (of course).  While the film builds up the tension well enough, it's hard not to miss where it's all going.  Logan-Marshall Green as the lead gives deadpan performance, epitomizing the banal dialogue and cliche plot points that carry a slight charm. Above all, these people are soap opera cut outs.  The Invitation works as an above average TV movie and that's where it would belong in another decade.  

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