Saturday, August 13, 2016

Cafe Society (2016) ***

Woody Allen's Cafe Society makes for a perfect escape from the August heat, a dreamy period piece set in 1930s Hollywood and New York City. Jesse Eisenberg stars as a young man on the make in Hollywood trying to get a job through his "big time" agent uncle played by Steve Carrel.  He strikes a friendship and romance with his uncle's striking secretary played by Kristen Stewart. As the characters get entangled in Romantic intrigue and unrequited love, questions are raised on the idea of fate and free will. Many will consider the plot a bit trite, but watching these actors work together is the best part of Cafe Society.  There's also hints of F.Scott Fitzgerald and Casablanca, themes of being in love and making difficult choices. The cinematography is beautiful, a welcome alternative to the current crop of blockbusters. 

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