Thursday, January 29, 2015

Selma ***

Selma finally provides a realistic portrait of Martin Luther King on the big screen. Unfortunately most Hollywood films, as they do with most historical figures, tend to provide a vapid caricature.  Centered the around the passing of the Voting Rights Act, Selma has strong focus and narrative drive.  David Oyelowo captures King's ability to inspire others around him with his quiet strength.  As a depiction of the Civil Rights Movement, Selma rightly keeps the focus on people, black and white, who decided to take action against the injustice going on around them. Tom Wilkinson as LBJ is a full fledged Machiavellian.  Director  Ava DuVerna has the cinematic eye of Spielberg when it comes to pathos, meaning the small, quiet moments carry just as much emotional punch as the larger ones.

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