Sunday, May 3, 2020

A View To A Kill (1985)

Conversation between myself and a 007 Fan.

007: So, Eric it's time we talk about A View To a Kill.

Eric: Yeah, I was sort of dreading this one. My least favorite Bond film. 

007: Be honest, did you actually watch it?

Eric: A few years ago. This time I stuck to youtube clips. 

007: How would you sum it up in one word?

Eric: Clunky

007: Let's start with the opening sequence.

Eric: I know some fans love it. "According to Wikipedia" it led to the popularity of snowboarding.

007: Still, it looks like an outtake from a previous movie. 

Eric: And they use "California Girls" for no reason. Not even The Beach Boys version!

007: Remember David Lee Roth did a famous remake around that time, an attempt to connect with the MTV generation?

Eric: There's an interview on youtube of Roger Moore promoting the film on MTV, very awkward.

007: Octopussy would've been a suitable finale for Moore. He's noticeably aging in this one.

Eric: As many pointed out in 1985. Moore was appalled when he discovered he was older than the mother of his love interest played by Tanya Roberts!

007: Yeah, there's a creep factor for sure. A more age appropriate actress would've been a wise move. What about the villains?

Eric: Christopher Walken would become known for playing great villains. Here he's not memorable. Not sure why. Perhaps they held back, King of New York remains one of the great performances of all time. 

007: Grace Jones makes for an interesting presence, but the script never lets the characters do anything besides fight and spout one liners.

Eric: The action scenes are never too engaging. The movie borders on parody at times, Zucker Brother type stuff. The Zuckers doing a Bond send up - there's an idea.

007: The idea of an aging Bond is an intriguing one.

Eric: Right, a film marketed as Bond's final mission or something like that would be great. Here he still acts like he's still 35.

007: Anything good to say on A View to A Kill.

Eric: The Duran Duran song is pretty good.

007: The music video is better than the movie! Anything on the actual plot.

Eric: Not really, a plot to blow up Silicon Valley. The San Andreas bit was taken from Superman!

007: Yeah, the less said the better on the plot. 

Eric: Well, some people love it.

007: That's great, to each their own. It was still a hit by the way, it was one of the top grossing films of 1985.

Eric: A new Bond film is still an event.

007: I'm just waiting for No Time to Die to finally come out! 

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