Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Top Ten Movies 2018

My Top 10 movies from 2018

10) Hereditary - Some truly terrifying moments, a horror film of the first order.

9) Avengers: Infinity War - Marvel's extravaganza out does itself in spectacle.

8) BlacKKlansman - Spike Lee's terrifying account of the KKK in the 1970s.

7) Vice - A tragedy disguised as comedy.

6) Roma - An immersive film set In Mexico City about a family and their servants going through a time of change in the early 1970s.

5) Creed II - The Rocky series continues to build on the mythology.

4) Springsteen on Broadway - Bruce bares his soul in a heartfelt performance that brings his old and new fans closer to his work.

3) First Man - A soulful film about the first man to walk on the moon.

2) A Star Is Born - The most passionate film of the year.

1) Mission Impossible: Fallout - The most entertaining movie of the year. Takes big screen action to all new levels.

Honorable Mentions: Searching; Don't Worry, He Can't Get Far on Foot; Sorry to Bother You; The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling; Fahrenheit 11/9; The Other Side of the Wind

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