Sunday, January 3, 2016

Five Clunkers from 2015

These were the worse five movies I watched in 2015.

5) Black Mass - Hyped as Johnny Depp's major comeback as real life gangster Whitey Bulger, Black Mass lacks the energy of its sister film The Departed.  Depp's quiet intensity fell flat. The results were dull and forgettable.  

4) Blackhat - Chris Hemsworth is never believable as an ace hacker who gets caught up in international intrigue.  Michael Mann has directed some of the best films over the past 30 years including Manhunter and Collateral, but Blackhat is a slog.  The movie jumps from frantic typing on laptops to mechanical action sequences.

3) The Lazarus Effect - A ridiculous mash up of Frankenstein and a zombie genre among other things.  The Frankenstein genre keeps falling flat with I Frankenstein and Victor Frankenstein. Will they ever make a good Frankenstein movie?

2) Jurassic World - The latest reboot of the Jurassic Park franchise felt strained from start to finish, although it was a box office smash.  Chris Pratt lacks the wit he brought to Guardians of the Galaxy and Bryce Dallas Howard seems bored playing her character.  At least the original from Spielberg had a sense of menace and foreboding.  Jurassic World simply piled on CGI and hokey dialogue.

1) Poltergeist - The original from 1982 remains a horror masterpiece on every level.  The remake offers none of the depth I loved from the original.  The CGI effects inspired more laughs than scares. In fact the entire film has a thrown together feel.

There you have it - my five biggest disappointments of 2015.

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