Monday, March 16, 2020

A list of Recommended Movie Podcasts.

So it looks like we're all going to be staying in WAY more often than usual for the foreseeable future. In addition to movies, television, books, music, we're all going to need to keep our minds occupied. Here's a list of some movie podcasts I would recommend. I'm sure there are many I haven't discovered and I'm always open to your recommendations.

The MovieFilm Podcast - Hosted by film critic Zaki Hasan and writer Brian Hall, two old friends, they review current films and go over the latest movie headlines. They have accumulated a backlog of commentary tracks that are well worth listening to as you watch along. They have covered most of the Star Wars films, Indiana Jones, and many superhero movies. 

The Projection Booth Podcast - Now closing in on 500 episodes, host Mike White has covered the most diverse selection of films you'll find anywhere. Name the genre, the Projection Booth has got it covered. Each episode features a panel discussion on the film with a rotating group of co-hosts.  Most entries also feature in depth interviews with those involved in the film's production. Try some episodes with movies you may not have seen - it will take you on an interesting path.

Horror Movie Podcast - "Dead serious about horror movies", HMP is the ideal podcast for horror fans. The hosts have also accumulated an impressive archive with themed episodes and commentary on the latest releases.

The Faculty of Horror - A monthly podcast hosted by Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West who take an academic approach to analyzing horror movies from a feminist perspective. Always insightful, humorous, and educational - highly recommended

The Film and Water Podcast - Rob Kelly, who also hosts an excellent podcast on Bob Dylan, has a backlog of 150 episodes covering a wide variety of movies.

Pure Cinema Podcast - The official podcast The New Beverly theater in Los Angeles hosted by Brian Saur and Elric Kane. Brian and Elric have large backlog of episodes, I would especially point new listeners to their "list" episodes on their favorite cult movies from different genres. 

Slate's Spoiler Specials - Watch a new release and then listen to Slate critic Dana Stevens discuss the film with a panel of guests. Always a fun and intelligent discussion.

Maltin on Movies - Leonard Maltin has done so much to popularize films for a wide audience with his annual movie guides. He now hosts a podcast with his daughter Jessie. Each episode a one hour interview on films and film history.

The Important Cinema Club - If you want a deep dive into film in general I would direct you to these two guys. Based in Toronto, Justin Decloux and Will Sloan release a new episode each week. Most entries focus on the career of a director by looking at a few films from their catalog. Will and Justin are especially passionate for Poverty Row pictures and Kung Fu flicks.

Movie Sign with the Mads - Comedians Frank Coniff, Trace Beaulieu, and Carolina Hidalgo provide a humorous take on a different movie each week. Now exclusively on Spotify.

Super 70 Podcast - A film commentary cast hosted by Dylan Davis. Davis obviously a lot of research into his enriching and idiosyncratic commentaries. His first series focused on the 1980s and the second series explored a film from each decade beginning with the 1920s.

All these are available on itunes, spotify, or the links above.

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