Monday, March 6, 2017

Robert Osborne

A generation of movie fans were introduced to classic film by TCM host Robert Osborne. Mr. Osborne passed away yesterday at the age of 84. He served as the affable movie host during prime time for TCM from 1994-2016.  Before each film Osborne talked about the making of the film and afterwards shared trivia and some final thoughts.  Starting in 2006 he was joined by a rotating group of co-hosts for the weekend series The Essentials.

Turner Classic Movies continues to show countless movies on television no one else will show, ranging from silent cinema to obscure films impossible to find anywhere else.  As a commercial free network, TCM epitomizes counter programming for the 21st Century media landscape. With the proliferation of streaming services and home entertainment systems, the network remains vibrant and innovative.

A film historian and journalist, Mr. Osborne was a walking encyclopedia of movie knowledge. He appreciated all genres; never patronized his audience. We'll miss his incisive commentary and passion for film. 

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