Thursday, March 5, 2015

Stardust Memories *** (1980)

Stardust Memories follows fictional director Sandy Bates (Woody Allen) as he attends a retrospective of his earlier, funnier films.  Gordon Willis shot the film in pristine back and white.  Allusions to Bergman and Fellini are plentiful in Allen's satire of film culture. At the festival, Sandy finds himself assaulted by hangers on offering him scripts, out of work actors begging for parts in his films, critics asking pretentious questions, and his legion of movie geeks. There's a great irony there, because the geeks now run Hollywood and every one's a critic these days. Meanwhile, he juggles relationships with two women and gets advice from Martian visitors.  Set at the beginning of the 80s, in a world free of i-phones and instagram, Stardust Memories looks even more refined in 2015.

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